Increase treatment acceptance. Attract new patients.

Waterlase MD™ Turbo All-Tissue Laser

Take your practice to a new level with best-of-class laser technology. A Waterlase MD™ Turbo pays off in greater patient comfort, improved clinical results and practice growth.

The Waterlase MD Turbo’s unique, patented combination of YSGG laser and water spray delivers optimal clinical results and patient comfort in both hard- and soft-tissue procedures. The Waterlase MD Turbo handpiece delivers breakthrough cutting speed with with no noticeable difference in speed from the high-speed drill.

The treatment option patients are looking for.

Fear and anxiety, whether mild or severe, is real and for many people can be a barrier to seeking dental treatment. Studies show that as many as 75% of adults in the U.S. experience some degree of dental fear.1, 2, 3 Drills, needles and numb lips can prevent people from taking a positive, proactive approach to oral health.

A study published by the Roger Levin Group indicates that the Waterlase MD Turbo helps attract new patients and increase treatment acceptance of day-to-day restorative cases that can cover the cost of a laser by providing an alternative to drills with injections, for patients who are anxious or fearful.4

By reducing the need for anesthetic, multi-quadrant restorations that once entailed multiple appointments can now be completed in a single visit. And, because a Waterlase MD Turbo allows you to handle a wider variety of procedures, there is less need to refer patients out for treatment, eliminating another source of anxiety for patients.

A periodontal revolution.

Deep Pocket Therapy™ (DPT) with Waterlase MD Turbo Assisted New Attachment™ using the patented Radial Firing Perio Tip™ (RFPT) is a minimally invasive, FDA-cleared, therapy for moderate to advanced gum disease that promotes cementum-mediated periodontal ligament new-attachment to the root surface in the absence of long junctional epithelium.

The YSGG laser energy of the Waterlase MD Turbo is especially effective for minimally invasive removal of both subgingival inflamed tissue and calculus deposits, to prepare the pocket and surface of the tooth for healing and new attachment.

Built for speed.

The Waterlase MD Turbo’s unique, patented combination of a YSGG laser and water spray delivers breakthrough cutting speeds. How fast? Clinicians experience no noticeable difference in speed compared to conventional high-speed drills.

The MD Turbo can perform minimally invasive Class II MO/DO cavity preps in just 30 to 60 seconds. It even excels at cutting osseous tissue and it cuts soft tissue faster and with less trauma than soft tissue lasers.

Intuitive operator.

Every aspect of the MD Turbo has been thoughtfully designed for simple operation. The telescopic fiber management system improves the laser fiber’s reach and intuitively follows your movements. The water level sensor alerts you when the level lowers, and an on-the-fly replenishment system efficiently refills the reservoir.

The MD Turbo system features storage racks for power cables, air lines, and the foot pedal to help organize your operatory, while convenient storage wells keep tips, extra handpieces, and other accessories within easy reach. Finally, heavy-duty casters ensure smooth movement from room to room.

Two handpieces, for greater versatility.

The MD Turbo is equipped with two handpieces to perform a greater variety of procedures.

MD Turbo Handpiece  combines breakthrough cutting speed comparable to a high-speed drill, with all the benefits of Waterlase Dentistry.

It delivers the fastest hard-tissue removal for Class I-V cavity preparations, caries removal, and enameloplasty.

MD Gold Handpiece  is ideal for root canal therapy, periodontal therapy, sub-gingival procedures, soft-tissue cutting, and excavation of pits and fissures for placement of sealants.

It also provides efficient hard-tissue removal for smaller class I-V cavity preparations and caries removal.

WaterLase iPlus 2.0

Guaranteed to Help Grow Your Practice!

Introducing WaterLase iPlus 2.0, a minimally invasive dental laser with expanded and enhanced capabilities to help you give your patients the best possible experience and give your practice an opportunity for practice growth.


WaterLase Express

Anxiety Lifted

Introducing the Waterlase Express, the NEW all-tissue laser that will change theway you practice dentistry. Waterlase has the power and simplicity to solvedental problems now, beyond expectation.


Biolase EPIC X

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The EPIC X features new software technology and a new cordless foot pedal, among other notable innovations. Offering fast access, fast whitening and hygiene versatility along with its features such as exclusive


Biolase EPIC Pro

150Watts for Unmatched Cutting Speed and Control

Epic Pro is the first industrial-strength diode laser in dentistry and offers the most power of any diode on the market. Epic Pro is the perfect companion for soft-tissue management cases.


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