Epic ProThe first premium diode laser from Biolase.

Introducing Epic Pro™ Diode Laser

Epic Pro is the first industrial-strength diode laser in dentistry and offers the most power of any diode on the market.

Providing truly unique features for managing tissue more gently. It features industry first, super thermal pulse technology, real-time automatic power control, and pre-initiated pro tips with smart tip technology to provide unmatched cutting speed, consistency, safety, and precision.

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The Epic Pro, which offers the most laser power of any diode laser in dentistry, is the first product to be introduced resulting from BIOLASE’s strategic development agreement with IPG Medical. The newest addition to the Epic family of dental soft-tissue lasers, Epic Pro features several new innovations that are industry-firsts:

  • A new super pulse technology for more precise, enhanced laser tissue cutting
  • Real-time automatic power control to enhance speed and consistency when performing surgery with pre-programed tip temperature
  • Pre-initiated, bendable, disposable tips with new smart tip technology to ensure tip performance and quality

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Unmatched Cutting Speed and Control

Automatic Power Control – BIOLASE Exclusive

Epic Pro cuts four times faster* than a classic diode laser with minimal collateral damage.

In this treatment mode, the laser in continuous wave mode converts light energy to thermal power at the tip. Laser energy is adjusted automatically in real time to maintain constant tip temperature. The result is extremely consistent and reliable cutting conditions, regardless of speed of movement, tissue type, etc.

*Internal IPG Medical and BIOLASE Study Romanos G.E. Diode Laser Soft-Tissue Surgery: Advancements Aimed at Consistent Cutting, Improved Clinical Outcomes. Compend Contin Educ Dent. Nov/Dec 2013. *Epic Pro APC Mode, 850°C temperature, AutoStop On; **Classic Diode Laser - 980 nm wavelength, CW Mode, 3 W

Greater Precision & Safety

Super Thermal Pulse – BIOLASE Exclusive

Epic Pro can achieve ten times the peak power of a standard diode (and up to three times that of the closest competitor) laser in short micro-pulses for the highest cutting efficiency and safety. In this treatment mode, the laser converts light energy to thermal power, which it emits as thermal power pulses, (i.e. multiple bursts of high power). Each of these thermal bursts cuts tissue highly efficiently.

When the laser is activated, power bursts are emitted with a preset pulse width (duration), while maintaining a precise thermal level at the tip. The laser is powered on only about 3-5% of the time, giving tissue ample time to relax between pulses; creating a safer and gentler experience for patients.

Unparalleled Consistency and Predictability

Pro Pre-Initiated Tips with Smart Tip Technology – BIOLASE Exclusive

Epic Pro provides the deepest and most uniform drag-free cut versus classic diode lasers. Epic Pro also features new factory initiated Epic Pro Tips, enabling predictable, reliable tissue cutting.

The Epic Pro tip is the first tip where initiation material is fused inside of the quartz fiber material, creating a veneer-like surface on the fiber tip, built for robust and long-lasting performance. The new Epic Pro tips also feature smart tip technology, where the device has a built-in tip integrity indicator, to ensure that cutting is consistent, precise, and fast every time.

The newest addition to the Epic family of dental soft-tissue lasers, Epic Pro offers the following benefits to dental practices and their patients:


  • Less fear and anxiety
  • Quicker and more efficient visits
  • Faster healing and recovery
  • Little to no post-operative pain and discomfort

Dental Practices:

  • Better patient reported outcomes
  • Predictable results
  • Increased clinical precision and control
  • Faster, cleaner and gentler than traditional diode lasers

Power, Combined with Simplicity

Epic Pro has the largest display (7 inches) of any diode laser on the market and features an easy-to-use graphical user interface, with intuitive procedural categories, over twenty factory presets, and quick access to your list of favorite settings. Epic Pro also features a quick start mode that allows you to initiate treatment faster and standard/advanced modes allowing unlimited control and flexibility to match the practitioner’s skill level.

Better Clinical Outcomes with Epic Pro

Epic Pro is the perfect companion for soft-tissue management cases. With over 20 clinical presets, multiple treatment modes, and an advanced mode for expert users, Epic Pro provides unparalleled consistency and predictability. Not all diode lasers are created equal, with unmatched speed and clinical precision, Epic Pro redefines what it means to manage soft-tissue.

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